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Heirloom Organic Scarlet Nantes Carrots, 100 Seeds by Sow No GMO
Our Price: $2.40

Hailing from the French city of the same name, the Scarlet Nantes carrot was first introduced in the USA in the mid-20th century and has steadily become one of our country's most popular carrot varieties. Scarlet Nantes is a medium sized carrot that is particularly good for juicing. Plant Scarlet Nantes carrot seeds in full sun or partial shade.
Heirloom Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans 20 Seeds by Sow No GMO
Our Price: $2.68

Heirloom Pole Bean Seeds. Grandmas Favorite Fresh Bean. Old-fashioned variety, long on flavor vigorous, rust resistant and successful in all parts of the country. Enormous yields of straight and smooth 8- to 9-in. pods. A good all-around pick for processing. 67 DAYS. Zones: 3 - 9 annual. Height: 5 - 7 feet. Shade Requirement: Full sun. Germination: 6 - 10 days.
Organic Scarlet Nantes Carrots 200 Seeds by Sow No GMO
Our Price: $4.18

  • Guarranted germination rate of 80%
  • Nutrition:Vitamin C,Organic Carotene, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron ect.
  • They arise in big, generous clusters all over indeterminate plants that keep the harvest coming all season!
  • Carrots make good additions to a raw vegetable tray and are ideal for salads and garnish. Many cherry tomatoes are rubbery and rather tasteless, but Cherry Sweetie has a high sugar content and skin that is firm but not tough. 30 seeds
  • At last, a Certified Organic, open-pollinated alternative to the popular Tomato Sweet Million! Cherry Sweetie has a super-high sugar content and firm texture. It sets masses of grape-sized round fruit in large clusters that keep coming all summer long.